SIL launches CIMONS as a value-added service

SIL launches its brand new service package for IT monitoring: CIMONS (Comprehensive Infrastructure Monitoring Service). Available as from May 2015, CIMONS is a value-based enterprise IT monitoring service that provides to any organisation a real-time holistic view on the status and performance of its entire IT infrastructure, network and applications.

CIMONS handles simultaneous real-time monitoring of multiple servers, virtual machines, network devices, applications and allows users to gather virtually limitless types of data from a network.

IT systems are critical components of an organisation’s strategic, tactical and operational functions. They help to build business performance as well as they assist in maintaining a company’s competitive advantage in the market place. For an organisation’s IT systems to grow efficiently and systematically, careful planning based on continuous monitoring and support of those systems is required.

Based on this analysis, CIMONS has been designed by SIL to meet the evolving IT challenges and to help organisations to comply with agreed service levels for continued support of their business operations, through visibility on critical aspects of their systems.  CIMONS’ performance as well as its users, all benefit from SIL’s team extensive experience and knowledge in implementing and managing mission critical IT environments in areas such as government, finance and national security.

The CIMONS package provides the following value-added benefits:

  • Accuracy & Control
    Gaining further control over performance and availability of networks and applications through pinpoint accuracy of systems’ monitoring data from CIMONS. The system also provides meaningful data interpretation through SIL’s information systems monitoring expertise.
  • Real-time Alerts
    Receiving 24/7 automatic monitoring notifications and alerts through web, email, mobile and SMS, allowing IT team to plan for timely escalation of issues and thus reducing overall unplanned downtime.
  • Trends Identification
    Receiving detailed systems reports that will aid an IT team in proactively identifying long-term trends/variations in performance that could lead to unwarranted systems failures.
  • Plan for Efficient Growth
    Use CIMONS analytics data to develop sustentative management reports that will help organisations to plan for future IT growth and reduce overall operational costs based on “zero waste” of network and applications’ resources.