Crime Occurrence Tracking System (COTS)

Posted in Police & National Security

Our Crime Occurrence Tracking System (COTS) makes the work of the police force even more efficient. COTS was developed by SIL to equip the Mauritius Police Force (MPF) with today’s best ICT solutions for secure data capture and sharing in order to track and combat crime occurrence in Mauritius and ensure the security of its citizens more effectively.

Using all the benefits of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), COTS provides policemen with new tools for better control and access to information as well as for improved workflow.

The COTS has two key objectives:

Process Automation: With the help of new technologies, the processes of the MPF for law enforcement are optimised and foster better crime occurrence tracking.

Intelligence: Process Automation equips the MPF with the necessary intelligence to keep track on the progress of cases. The availability of information and resources, guided by this intelligence, will help to better resolve criminal cases.

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