A Quick Look at eGov Conferences


Mauritius Police Force Having got a better insight of the innovation and project presented, it will help us in our future development in terms of use of e-Gov
National Computer Board Very well organised with several high profile speakers elaborating on emerging technologies
Ministry of Housing and Lands The speaker were very conversant with the different topic and the panelist with the local context. The interactions were up to a high level
IT Security Unit Content meet the objective for this workshop and in building smart services in govt sector using innovative technologies by Oracle/SIL
National Computer Board well organised, proficiency of SIL & oracle speakers excellent, very good insights on cloud application of interest for Mauritius
Office of the DPP All the topics were valuable and interesting. I valued those on Cloud and big data, smart cities & Social media.
Mins of Gender Equality, Child Development & Family Welfare An exclusive event having the right infrastructure and interesting plenary sessions.
National Information Technology Authority Uganda Very informative. There is a lot that has learnt in the area of smart cities, education and health
Civil Service College, Mauritius Well organized/ good presentation/ lots of good aspects to think about.