SIL was a sponsor of the Oracle Africa Innovation Day 2015 held on the 10th of December 2015 which aimed at showing businesses how the power of simplicity and digital transformation can change their IT to a force that drives business innovation. viagra men cheap

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  • eGov Conference 2015

    This two-day workshop provided an insight on the trends that have shaped ‘Smart Governments’ around the world and explored the technologies used to develop citizen-centric government systems.

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  • buy viagra cheap ukCIMONS as a value-added service

    order viagra menSIL launches its brand new service package for IT monitoring as from May 2015. CIMONS is a value-based enterprise IT monitoring service that provides to any organisation a real-time holistic view...

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  • Moving Towards a Government Cloudcan you buy cialis online

    SIL in partnership with Oracle, has organised a one-day Technical Workshop on Cloud computing for departments of the Ministry of Technology, Communication and Innovation (MTCI) on 19th May 2015.  

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SIL HR Management Solution

State Informatics Ltd (SIL) launched its first ever, 100% Mauritian, out of the box IT solution for local and international markets: TaMIS (Talent Management Information System) on the 9th May 2014.

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